Landscape architecture is the bridge

between people and their environment. 

Master Planning

At RLLA we recognise the importance of context and the environment in order to enhance and integrate a project with its site. The real consideration and thorough understanding of the spaces between buildings and how the site is best utilised, is central to the development of a successful and enduring masterplan. 

We have the experience of working creatively alongside a variety of disciplines in the development of both large and small sites, and find we add most value when we get involved early on in the planning of a site.

Landscape Planning and Design              

At RLLA we believe that design is a process, and we believe the more thorough the process, the richer the design.  We also believe that the process must be inclusive and mutually satisfying.  

 Typically the PROCESS will include:

  • Brief The development of a brief which may be formal and include specific design or development outcomes and goals, or may include a range of likes and dislikes.
  • Concept Plan, the preparation of a concept plan involves fully understanding the site and context, local authority and statutory requirements, clarifying the budget and developing initial ideas for discussion with the client. 
  • Design Development is the further development of the preliminary concept plan to illustrate the size and character of the full project.  This provides sufficient detail to enable the client to understand the nature and character of what is being proposed and would allow for a project budget to be established.
  • Contract documentation involves the preparation of working drawings, set outs and details including the preparation of planting plans and specifications to enable the calling of tenders for project construction.
  • Contract Administration involves us calling for, obtaining and reporting on tenders, preparing acceptance of tender documents and carrying out general administration of the contract.  This may include visiting the site as necessary to inspect the quality and progress of the project, generally checking claims and issuing certificates of payment.

Residential Design:

We are able to help you across a wide range of scales and a wide range of needs, from onsite consultation as a sounding board to your ideas, through the development of concepts, developed design, preparation of full tender documentation, and site supervision (or any appropriate mixture of the above).  We are here to help you achieve your dream. 

Urban Design

We believe that the best urban design stems from constructive communication and collaboration between disciplines leading to the creation of well thought out, sustainable and enduring spaces that inspires, stimulates and encourages human involvement within the urban realm.

Commercial Design:

The landscape of a building is the window through which the building and its occupants are viewed, and provides the opportunity to create and display the values and image considered important.  A well-considered development is known to improve both the use and enjoyment of the building and the value of the investment.

 Visual Assessment Studies and Peer Review

In New Zealand, effective landscape management is underpinned by landscape assessment as part of the Resource Management process.

Landscape Assessments are an independent ‘area based’ and/or ‘proposal driven’ consideration of the impacts that stem from a proposed landscape change. These assessments should inform both the approach and decision making process, relating to how landscape change can be managed, and thereby reduce subsequent costs in the policy-making process or proposed project.   It is a requirement of the Environment Court and the Resource Management Act, under which all assessments are undertaken, that the purpose of any expert assessment be for the benefit of the decision makers and as such must be impartial.

RLLA has extensive experience in the preparation of Visual Assessment studies and peer reviews for council and Environment Court hearings.

Environmental Restoration and Landscape Management plans

The development of a landscape is a long term commitment, and the ongoing maintenance of the work is critical to the full realisation of the dream. 

RLLA has experience in the development of a range of development and maintenance guidelines to ensure a consistent standard is maintained where high presentation standards are required.  

RLLA has experience is the development of restoration and re-vegetation proposals using appropriate locally indigenous species.